Womens leadership

In 1992 Anke Schlosser took over leadership of the Schlitzerländer TVK and still is the chairman of the association. Members attended countless events and were on the road in Germany and abroad representing our town.

1992 Anke Schlosser takes over leadership from Walter Gottschling.

1992 Establishment of the TVK choir (Founding director: Dr. Rüdiger Holzapfel)

In 1994 the contacts to the group from Andrichsfurt in Austria were established. Since then a regular exchange between both groups takes place. The friendly relations with Hungary were also cultivated and resulted in a town partnership between Bogyiszlo and Schlitz in 1997.

1995 Establishment of the TVK theater group

1996 First childrens festival in Schlitz

1998 First international youth meeting in Schlitz

1999 Production of the dialect CD "So Liit senn mer im Schlitzerlahnd"

2002 75th anniversary, great celebration with friends from home and abroad

2007 80th anniversary of the association

2008 "TVK Concert - a Musical World Tour"

2009 First carneval event of the TVK with annual continuation

2009 First traditional "Spinnstube"

2010 International folklore weekend and establishment of the "Mini"-group

2015 40th anniversary of the childrens group and establishment of the TVK- Sponsors' Association

From 1992 to 2016 the Schlitzerländer TVK travelled to a total of 47 festivals abroad.

Trips to Russia, the USA, China and Taiwan as well as French Polynesia are among the highlights of the past years. But also trips to European countries like Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Spain (Tenerife), France and Slovenia remain unforgotten.

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