A town in exceptional status

The “Schlitzerländer Trachtenfest” takes place every two years, always on the second weekend in July. The next festival will be from 7th - 10th of July 2017.

The first groups already arrive on Wednesday prior to festival start. All folklore groups stay during their festival participation in host families. The music groups usually stay in community accomodations in Schlitz.

Commonly, perfomances already take place around Schlitz prior to festival start. On Thursday evening all inhabitants and groups meet for the inofficial opening at the TVK club house.

Friday afternoon the tapping of the barrels including music performances takes place. In the evening all invited folkore groups perform for the grand opening at the historical market place.

On Saturday morning the folkore groups and guests of honor are invited to the "Welcoming in the town hall". In the afternoon and evening several performances on different stages take place.

Sunday typical starts with a festival service musically contributed with songs and plays of different folklore groups.

One highlight on Sunday afternoon is the traditional historical parade trough the city. Performances of folklore and music groups on different stages and fireworks complete the program.

Monday morning is special "draft beer time". This is followed by performances at an old peoples home and once more on the main stage.

The festival officialy ends on Tuesday in the early morning hours (1.00 AM) with an emotional closure ceremony.

Tuesday is typically the day for leisure. In the evening a fare-well party with all groups and their host families takes place.

On Wednesday- after a one week stay in Schlitz -  it's finally time to say good bye.

For further information please visit: Schlitzer Trachtenfest