From 1927 to 1957

1927 Originated from the yearly summer fair in Schlitz, the first folklore festival with contribution of different youth associations from the villages Bernshausen, Fraurombach, Hutzdorf, Pfordt and Sandlofs takes place. The 20th of July 1927 is noted as historical founding date of different "Schlitzerländer" folkloric groups.

1930 Second folklore festival "Schlitzerländer Trachtenfest".

1934 A theatre group supplements the folkore groups. During the years of 1937, 1938 and 1939 stage plays in regional dialect were performed.

1937 First folklore group in Schlitz founded (founding member Elisabeth Schönhals)

1938 Participation in the German traditional costumes meeting in Frankfurt am Main

1948 Elisabeth Schönhals merges the members of the different associations to one folklore group

1949 First official performance at the Farmers Convention Gießen

1950 Participation at the Hessian Farmers Convention in Fulda (Leading: Elisabeth Schönhals, Hans Deibel)

1951 First folklore festival in Schlitz after World War II

1955 Foundation of different youth groups in the villages Rimbach and Hutzdorf by Hans Steinacker

1957 The Schlitzer folklore dancing group visited the ‚Rhododendron-Festival’ in Chamonix, France - 1st international journey and performance

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