From the Sponsoring Association

The Orga-Team for the entertainment at the “TVK-Heim” during the folklorefestival took place on 18.07.2016 to a working meeting. The topic of the meeting was the review of the folklorefestival 2015.

From tent construction to dismantling everything was discussed, which was good and what was not so good and where there is still potential for improvement. One main theme was the duty-plan and the difficulties of finding volunteers willing to take on services. The Orga
-Team is now working intensively on the preparations for 2017. If you would like to join, you are welcome.



The new flyer is here !!

In anticipation of our 90th anniversary and the Trachtenfest next year, Anke Schlosser designed and put a new flyer in print. Subsequently the front-



and the back.

"Spinnstube" in the TVK-Home again

The new season starts on 6 October 2016

On Thursday, 6 October 2016, from 7 to 9 pm, the “Spinnstubenabende” of the Schlitzerländer TVK begin again.

The spinning tube is a good starting point for the production of costumes. Here beginners and advanced meet. The offer of the Spinning Room of the Schlitzersländer Trachten- und Volkstanzkreis (TVK) is not only aimed at to club members. But also other interested parties are welcome to participate.

Just past the TVK-Home in the Schulstrasse in Schlitz. Participation is free of charge.

Here too, the “TVK Spinnstube” is the right place to get help and guidance for changing the costumes.

TVK Spinnstube

Rund 20 Mitglieder des Schlitzerländer Trachten und Volkstanzkreises, trafen in „Buisch ahl Huss in Fraurombach zur Spinnstube.

Genau wie es auch früher in der Spinnstube gehalten wurde, den alten Traditionen folgend trafen sich die „TVK- Männer und Frauen“ in Schlitzerländer Tracht in der guten Stube des Fraurombacher Museums um gemeinsam zu singen, zu stricken und so manche Begebenheit aus vergangenen Zeiten zu erzählen. Und genau nach alter Sitte.....“gegen neun, es ging schon auf zehn Uhr zu“, schnallten die „TVK-Burschen“ die Akkordeons um und so manches alte Volkslied wurde geschmettert. Kurzum es war ein überaus gelungener Abend.

An dieser Stelle ein Dankeschön an Hans und Thorsten Feick die Buisch ahl Huss für diesen Zweck zur Verfügung stellten.

Traditional meeting with Lauterbach and Angersbach

Once a year the folk dance groups from Angersbach, Lauterbach and Schlitz meet. On 26.11. the “Schlitzerländer TVK” had invited the two neighboring groups to a guided tour with a night watchman after Schlitz. Afterwards in the clubhouse of the TVK until the early morning hours were celebrated together and music!