CIOFF membership through Bernd Schäfer

In 1971 Bernhard Schäfer takes over the leadership.

1975 The Schlitzerländer Trachten- und Volksstanzkreis becomes a member of the CIOFF, the International Council of Orgsnizations of Folkore Festivals and Folk Arts. Bernhard Schäfer becomes chairman of the national section Germany (founded in Schlitz).

1975 Foundation of the children's group (Leader: Herbert Wunsch and Elfriede Beck)

1976 Foundation of the youth group (Leader: Waltraud and Walter Hilpert)

1978 First international journey of the youth group.

1979 Gerhard Schaub takes over the leadership (until 1981).

1981 Bernhard Schäfer is elected for a second time for the leadership of the association.

1982 Foundation of the seniors group.

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