The Schlitzerländer TVK


The "Schlitzerländer Trachten- und Volksstanzkreis" maintains the traditions of our country. The association's work is mainly focusing on folk dance, carrying on the dialect, singing folk songs and especially preserving the unique costumes.

140 active members join four junior groups and one adult dancing group and a seniors group. In addition, a theater group and a choir exists. The musicians care with typical intsruments such as accordion, double bass, guitar and devil's violin for rhythm and music.

A broad range of traditional German folk dances belongs to our repetoire. Over 40 different dances varying by steps and formations ( e.g. quadrille, waltz and polka) can easily be assembled depending on length and type of performance.

Our first international meeting was already in 1957. Ever since then we visited numerous festivals in Europe and all over the world. Highlights of those trips have been performances in Egypt, Armenia, China, French Polynesia, Israel, Puerto Rico, Republic China (Taiwan) or the United States of America.