The TVK- Sponsors' Association

To financially support the ‚Schlitzerländer Trachten-und Volkstanzkreis’ the association for support and sponsoring ‘Förderverein des Schlitzerländer Trachten- und Volkstanzkreises’ was founded. Currently membership fees of the main association are unfortunately not sufficient to properly conduct the daily business although all members of the board, group leaders as well as choreographs voluntarily support the Schlitzerländer Trachten-und Volkstanzkreis’ during the whole year.

The main task of sponsoring association is therefore specially to care for the availability of further financial resources to support the Schlitzerländer Trachten- und Volkstanzkreises in their active association life.

Board "Förderverein des Schlitzerländer Trachten- und Volkstanzkreises":

1. Chairman: Dieter Richter, Bahnhofstraße 18, 36103 Flieden
                      mobile: +49 160 5836110,     e-mail:

2. Chairman: Ulrich Fischer

Accounting:   Hans-Joachim Gessner